Utawarerumono Review

Utawarerumono is a Japanese SRPG created by Leaf in 2002, initially only for PC. Although it is considered to be a strategy RPG, Utawarerumono is actually a combination of genres. It is a hentai game, as it contains adult rated scenes featuring the main male character with plenty of beautiful girls in various sex positions. It is also a great visual novel, with an outstanding storyline, while the battle and RPG system is what makes it enjoyable and playable for hours.

In Utawarerumono, the story is centered on a mysterious man wearing a mask that never comes off. One day, he is found injured in a forest near a village. He has no memories of who he is, and he has no idea where he comes from. He is taken in and taken care of by Eruru, a girl who trains as a physician and is also kind of like the mother of the village since she seems to be in charge of everyone’s well being.

Utawarerumono - sexy hot hentai game
Yes, we can actually go after a sexy princess!

The village is under the domination of a greedy emperor, so Hakuoro, as the amnesiac man is baptized by Eruru, founds himself rallying a group of warriors, wanting to get rid of the bad ruler. Because of his charismatic personality, Hakuoro is not only a military leader but also a ladies’ man, something you will find out as you progress through the game.

The gameplay can be split in two parts for better understanding. First things first, Utawarerumono is a visual novel, which means that you will be reading through the story while being shown various scenes or characters as they intervene. From time to time, you will reach decision-making points, where you will be presented with two or more alternatives. While this is common in visual novels and the decisions you take influence the final outcome, Utawarerumono is a bit different, as your decision do not count so much towards reaching the ultimate goal. However, they can lead to different branching of the stories, so there is some degree of variation in how you play.

Utawarerumono - screenshot 2
Plenty of other characters will keep the player interested trough the entire adventure.

The second part of the gameplay and the more interesting one is related to the battle system. As Hakuoro gathers around him worthy fighters, he will have to fight the imperial forces. Each fight is carried on a square-based grid, and battles are turn-based, meaning that you will move, attack or cast magic with each of the characters under your charge, one by one. After your turn, the enemy will get to do the same, which means that you have plenty of time to think up your decisions.

Besides some traditional stats, such as attack, physical defense, and magical defense, you have something called Tech. Whenever you attack an enemy with one of your characters, you will be able to attack a number of times, based on how many Tech points you have. (It is another way of naming Skill). After each battle, you will receive battle points, that you will be able to spend on your stats, including Tech. Keep in mind that advancing your Tech is more expensive, BP wise, than the rest of your stats.

The battle and RPG system is interesting enough, but the not so great part is that usage of magic is pretty limited. As just two of your characters can use it, you will not be able to see much of it in this game.

Utawarerumono - screenshot battle screen
The battle system is simple and intuitive. Any player will master it in no time.

As far as the hentai content is concerned, Utawarerumono is the type of harem game where your hero gets to bed all the girls, without one getting mad at the other. Hakuoro is quite a handsome guy, so pretty much all the heroines fall head over heels in love with him from the first contact. Unlike in dating sims, where you usually choose which girl to romance, in this one, the hentai scenes happen along the way so to speak, so Hakuoro will sleep with all the girls while fighting his way to victory.

Fans agree in overwhelming numbers that the romance that really counts in Utawarerumono is the one between Hakuoro and Eruru, the young doctor in training that saves him at the beginning of the story. While this is a harem, and girls do not mind sharing, Eruru looks not so confident when she compares herself to the other female characters, and she is modest to the point that she becomes overly sensitive regarding her womanly assets.

Eruru has a little sister called Aruru. She is very playful, but she does not speak much. When Mutikapa, the forest diety, is killed, she takes the god’s child and cares for it as a real mother.

Utawarerumono - hot anime girl
All the girls are unique and have different personalities.

Urutori is another female character in the game. She is a priestess who comes to fight at Hakuoro’s side and her most important concern is the welfare of the new empire forged by the central character and his legion of warriors. She comes accompanied by her younger sister, Kamyu, and together, they are the only ones who can manipulate magic.

Karura is the fighter type. She escapes prison by slaughtering the soldiers who were supposed to guard her, in a neighboring land. Hakuoro, impressed by her fighting skills, offers her a place by his side, and she starts fighting for the new empire. If you like the tomboy type, she is the right one for you, as she is not only good with a sword, but she is also an avid sake drinker.

Utawarerumono - sex game review
From start to finish Utawarerumono offers a sex game adventure like no other!

Touka comes from another tribe, and she is, initially, an enemy of Hakuoro. However, after her lord is assassinated by a common enemy, she decides to fight next to him. She is the protective type, and she loves playing the bodyguard. Her tsundere personality may not be to everyone’s liking, but she is a powerful character, and also one of the cute girls joining the harem.

For the PC version, there is no voice acting, so Utawarerumono may look like it lacked some developer’s love. However, the graphics are great, the girls are very cute, the hentai scenes are nice to look at, and the story draws you in. As far as an SRPG game with a good pinch of hentai is concerned, this is a very good choice for spending around 30 hours of turn-based strategy fun, enjoying a good story, and well-designed hentai scenes.

For those who prefer hentai girls in 3D, Hentai 3D 2: Cry of Pleasure is a great title to try.

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