Tsuki Possession Game Review

Tsuki Possession is a hentai game created by ZyX in 2001, and localized for the English speaking audience two years later, by G-Collections. This eroge title gravitates around rape fantasies at their kinky best, and it follows the adventures of a young man who, one day, feels darkness growing inside and pushing him to subject all the beautiful women around to some quite degrading sexual acts. Tsuki Possession is a straightforward nukige, a type of hentai game in which sex scenes abounds, and perversions are portrayed in all shapes and sizes.

In case you are expecting some kind of plot or romance, turn around right now. Tsuki Possession is a dark hentai game, with no redeemable main character. While there are so called ‘good endings’, reaching them is very difficult and they are not entirely good, just a little better than the bad ones. All in all, if you want to play the role of a really bad, bad boy, Tsuki Possession allows you to get crazy with all the dark fantasies you may have involving beautiful anime girls.

Tsuki Possession - anime girl pussy
Too public? For Yosuke this is not a problem!

In this hentai game, you play the role of Yosuke Mizuno, a 20 year old guy, with not much luck in life. His mother died when he was a child, and, after his father remarries, the only surviving parent dies in a terrible accident. Yosuke remains with his father’s step family, composed of two beautiful women, mother and daughter. Since these beauties care very much for Yosuke’s happiness and mental health, they are much too caring and forgiving with him. When darkness strikes and Yosuke starts acting on his kinkiest desires, they become nothing but easy prey to the beast the young man transforms into.

Tsuki Possession is played like any other dating sim or visual novel. You are carried through a story during which, from time to time, you are required to make certain choices. Most of these choices take you down the road to depravity and are just triggers for perverted hentai scenes. No female around Yosuke is safe and they can be, one by one, if you play all the routes, transformed into nothing else but sex slaves. In this respect, this game resembles other titles such as Starless: A Nymphomaniac’s Paradise, where the male protagonist practically acts as the sex slave to a bunch of sexy babes.

Tsuki Possession - light bondage scene
No woman is safe around Yosuke!

A good point for Tsuki Possession besides the clean, nice graphics is the inclusion of a few animations. These give more substance to the sex scenes, and are quite a nice addition to a 2D game.

The female cast is beautifully drawn and offers plenty of variation. You will have to choose in the beginning which girl you want to pursue, and, sadly, there is no harem route available, although you can get your stepmother and stepsister involved in a steamy threesome.

Shizuka Mizuno is your stepmother and pretty much the MILF stereotype. If you are into mature ladies, she may be your first choice. While she looks as young as the rest of the girls, she has more generous curves and bigger boobs. Because she is gentle and caring, she doesn’t seem to mind much the perversions Yosuke has in store for her.

Tsuki Possession - hentai game toilet scene
Yes, yes, this game goes there! Don’t say we did not warned you!

Ryoko Mizuno is your stepsister and quite the opposite, when compared to her mother. She is shy, withdrawn, and presumably in love with the main character. Keiko Kawamori is Yosuke’s boss at a small coffee shop where the protagonist works. She is very sympathetic with his situation, as her parents passed away as well. Of course, nothing stops Yosuke from trampling Keiko’s good intentions with his perversity.

Takami Sasaki is a student body representative, and, at first glance, she seems rather harsh and severe. Still, she has feelings for Yosuke, and that will prove to be her mistake. Mitsuki Nagasawa is the last female you can pursue in this hentai game. An assistant teacher, she tries to comfort Yosuke after the loss of his father, but, instead, she will become a victim for his machinations.

Tsuki Possession - sex game review
From light to hard, all types of perversions are included.

Tsuki Possession is not an easy game to play if you do not like kinky stuff and rape fantasies even a bit. The main character does not seem to be able to fight against the darkness that overcomes him – for which no explanation is given – and any remotely good ending is hard to achieve. Almost no perversion is left untouched in this eroge title; there are bondage, sex toys, humiliation, gangbangs, enemas and all types of intercourse included, as the creators seemed to have quite a vivid imagination on such scenarios.

Tsuki Possession - threesome strap-on screenshot
Sadly there is no harem routes, but at least we got our threesome scenario.

In case you find the graphics and characters familiar, ZyX is also the creator of Virgin Roster. Masahiro Yamane, the main name behind the beautiful graphics in this game, is a known animation direction, and his work can also be admired in The Sagara Family. For other hentai titles with the same kinkiness level, we recommend Ryoujoku Guerilla Gari and Discipline: Record of a Crusade.