Snow Sakura Review
Snow Sakura

Snow Sakura is an eroge game released by Digital Object that is enjoying a lot of popularity outside Japan, as it received a great and well deserving official English translation. This Japanese sex game follows the well-known formula of dating sims / visual novels, very popular in its home country and not only.

If anything makes the game stands out, it is the warm fuzzy feeling it gives. A love story for Christmas, it is well paced and a lot of fun for those who like cute hentai girls and Japanese eroge games in general.

Snow Sakura - screenshot 1
Lovely girls and a superb story, this game is well worth our time.

You play the role of Yuuji Tachibana, a regular guy whose life is as good as it gets until his parents decide to suddenly pack everything and go to Hawaii. While the prospect of living the good life under the Polynesian sun may sound good to Yuuji, his parents just consider him unnecessary luggage and leave him behind.

You are not completely abandoned, although this is the sensation you get. You are sent to live with your uncle and your cousin, in a small winter resort-like town on the island of Hokkaido, where your relatives run an inn. Displaced from Tokyo, with no friends or close acquaintances, life looks pretty grim. That is until you meet Saki, your cute, but very tsundere cousin, and her rowdy pack of friends. From here, your quest for love and friendship begins.

To get things straight right from the get-go, if you are looking into hardcore stuff, this is not the game you should play. Snow Sakura is the type of romantic eroge, where you get to enjoy plenty of hentai scenes, but nothing extreme or out of place. What makes the game so loved by many is the pleasant feelings you will experience while playing it. For the romantic type of eroge player, Snow Sakura is a great choice.

Snow Sakura - hentai love
If you love romantic relations you will adore Snow Sakura.

As it happens in many hentai games, you, as the male protagonist, will find yourself surrounded by a group of sexy anime girls, all of them having or wanting to manifest interest in you. In Snow Sakura, there are five different paths you can take, one for each of the main female protagonists. Unlike in other eroge games, where it is alright to hump all the females in the cast in parallel, without a problem, here, once you commit to a girl, you will stick to her, and live a beautiful love story by her side until the end.

There is no mistake about the romantic air of Snow Sakura. Yuuji finds out, after spending some time in the small Hokkaido town, that there is a special tree that blossoms in the heart of winter; the one who meets a girl under the magical tree is bound to find true love. And true love you will start looking for, as, if you make the wrong choices, and you do not settle for one girl, you have a good chance of remaining a virgin. Yikes!

Snow Sakura - beautiful cute anime
The game has some of the cutest and most beautiful anime girls.

By now, you are probably anxious to meet the girls. Despite how regular your character may look like, he is quite the playboy, without even knowing it. There are even some girls at school commenting on how cute you are, but, seemingly you are oblivious to everything around you. Still, you are very lucky, since the girls will be the ones to make their move on you, and you will just need to give the right answer to start on a romantic path with one of them.

Saki Tachibana is a cute blonde with a bit of tsundere in her that make her character very enjoyable and funny. She is your cousin, but that does not stop her from falling for you. From all the stories in Snow Sakura, Saki’s story is probably the most dramatic, as being good cousins with Yuuji, her relationship with your character is not exactly acceptable for the rest. Your wincest story will even have to encounter some trials and tribulations, but in the end, all will end all.

Snow Sakura - shy cute hentai girl
The shy girls are the best!

Saki is good natured, even if she gets angry quite often, and she bullies boys on occasion. However, she is a handful around the house and the inn, as she takes care of everything, such as cooking and laundry. She has many friends and she introduces you to her crowd, making you feel more at home. If you choose her route, you will not be disappointed.

Snow Sakura - sex game review
So many characters! The player has plenty of girls to choose from!

Misaki Souya is the beautiful one. From the story, we gather that she is pursued by many suitors, but all of them are fended off by Kozue Hiyama, her best friend who apparently has deep and powerful feelings towards her. Do not think of any yuri scenario just yet; as it is showed later in the game, Kozue just admires Misaki very much, without wanting to become romantically involved with her. However, Misaki’s route is quite a conventional one, and nothing out of the ordinary for a Japanese sex game. Still, the hentai scenes are hot, and Misaki is a beauty to look at.

Kozue Hiyama is, as mentioned above, Misaki’s shadow. Although her behavior would make anyone suspect that she is in love with Misaki, or, at least, a bit of a stalker, she is not like that. If you pursue her route, you will experience some frustration from her part, as she tries not to hurt Misaki’s feelings, who, of course, has the hots for you. She is very clever, but she does not do very well at tests, as she does not want to draw too much attention to her.

Misato Souya is another fun character in Snow Sakura. Although she is Misaki’s older sister, she looks much younger, and her behavior is very endearing. She is your regular klutz, and she enjoys liquor quite a lot. (It is actually, during one of her happy hour sessions that she starts coming on to you and you can start on her route). As it happens with all the characters you get romantically involved with, the fact that she is your homeroom teacher triggers some issues once you get together with her.

Snow Sakura - bukkake
All the girls want you! They just don’t know it yet.

Rei Kisaragi is your senpai and the studious type. She is your regular beauty with glasses, high grades, and a very good-natured attitude towards everybody. She is the smartest in the school, but that does not stop her from being a little pervy, and there is one particular scene where you take her from behind, while she stays pressed with her naked boobs against the window, while in school. She likes mahjong quite a lot, and your knowledge of the game will be put a little to the test, while you pursue her.

All these beautiful love stories take place on the snowy background of a winterish town, just to make things better. Besides being a dating sim, a visual novel, an eroge and a sex game, Snow Sakura is a wonderful story to play this winter. All the girls are very cute and different from one another, they have plenty of nice hentai scenes, and you can play several hours for each route, which makes Snow Sakura a very enjoyable experience altogether.

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