Sexy Beach Zero Review
Sexy Beach Zero

Sexy Beach Zero is a 3D sex game developed by the Japanese company Illusion, famous for its great sex simulators. While Sexy Beach Zero offers the possibility to engage in interactive sex with beautiful 3D models, it is also a dating sim, which makes it more interesting.

As the fourth installment of the Sexy Beach series produced by Illusion, this sex game adds more eye candy bits for players to enjoy. The lighting is better than in the previous games, and a special mo-cap system was used to make the girls move more natural when playing golf, flirting and so on.

Sexy Beach Zero 3D hentai game
Sexy Beach Zero sets standards for 3D beauties

You have 5 girls to woo and bed in Sexy Beach Zero. An interesting fact is that all the characters are borrowed from other Illusion games, as follows: Ai (a cute brunette) is the same 3D chick from Real Girlfriend; the other brunette, Kuwahara Rin, comes from Biko 3, Setsuna Yagami is a ninja babe with dark blue hair, from Battle Raper 2, Hotaru is a blonde virtual babe from Des Blood VR, and the girl featured on the cover, Bael Altarus, also comes from a Des Blood game (the fourth in the series), and had an appearance in Sexy Beach 3, as well.

As the game starts, after a cute anime-like girl voice announces you that you are indeed, playing, Sexy Beach Zero, you find yourself in a resort, where your sole and only purpose is to get sexy girls into your bed. You have your own hotel room, that does not look like much in terms of furniture and appointments, but will do; here you can take a nap between your seduction sessions.

The interesting part starts when you are leaving the hotel. You are faced with kind of a minimalistic interface, where you choose where to go next. You have the shop, where you will spend some time, because in order to win girls over you will have to buy them stuff (duh!), and various pleasant and exotic locations, where you can meet the girls, such as the pool, the jungle, the beach and the village.

Sexy Beach Zero naked babes
You can play dress-up with the babes

Once you choose a location, you will be able to go on a date with the girl in the respective location. A good conversation starter would be to offer the girl some clothes that you have cleverly purchased just earlier from the shop. Most of the stuff consists of all kinds of swimsuits (micro-bikinis are the best), but you can also put your girl in some cosplay outfits just for the sake of it.

Even if on the menu on your right, you will spot the ‘Sex’ option right from the start, this does not mean that you can bed girls that easily. Actually, you will have to put some legwork into it, literally. The main part of the gameplay you need to engage in order to reach the good part, where you get crazy virtual sex with beautiful 3D models, consists of building each girl’s trust.

This is possible during your dates with them. Offering them gifts is always a plus, but you will need to take things slowly. For instance, in the incipient part of the relationship, you can play with her various beach games, like stretching, beach volley, balance ball and so on. You can also take her to eat ice cream, or play golf.

Basically, the game is played like a first person action game. This means that you always have the girl right in front of your eyes, and you will not see yourself until the sex scenes which occur later on, when you can say that you are going steady with the girl you chose.

Another good action to use to make the girl warm up towards you is to apply lotion on her belly, back or legs. She will really enjoy that, so it is highly recommended to choose this option. Once she is more into you, you can offer her a sexy massage, during which you can touch her breasts with your hands, or use suspiciously vibrating items to make her hot.

Sexy Beach Zero 69 sex position
All kinds of sex positions are available

Since the game is first-person for the most part, kind of a weird part is when she allows you to kiss her. She will just come really close to the screen and pout her lips, simulating a kiss. Apparently, as far as sex simulators go, Japanese do nothing by half.

Your purpose will be to unlock all the scenes with the girls, one by one, because once you do that, you will be able to access the Free Mode where you get to customize the girls, including their most sensitive parts, such as the boobs and the butt.

Another mode is called Gravure Idols and consists of taking pictures of the girls in various positions and outfits.

However, the most interesting part is when you get to the sex part of course, and here, Illusion does not disappoint. First of all, the girls are well organized in folders, so to speak, so you can access scenes with them without a problem.

After you are done with all the dating, playing, eating ice cream and playing golf, and the girl has enough trust in you, it is the right time to sex her up. The good part is that you get to choose how you want the girl to act, and your options include Virgin, Frigid, Normal, Aroused and Lewd (which is the kinkiest anime style you can expect).

A list with sex positions is presented to you, so you can choose to your heart’s content. While they may look sketchy on the interface, they become interesting once you start playing a scene. Finally, you get to see yourself, (that is probably how all Japanese regular guys in search of 3D interactive sex look like), and you get to see how you are having sex with the girl. The 3D sex scenes look very good and are even a notch higher than what you can see in Artificial Academy, for instance.

Sexy Beach Zero big boobs
Try everything with these amazing beautiful virtual girls

And the good part is that it is not over yet! Sexy Beach Zero also has a so-called Special section where you get to the really kinky stuff. Here you get the girl to do all kinds of crazy things with you or for you, such as the Hotdog position (that is when she satisfies you with nothing but her buttocks, and yes, now you guessed what exactly is the hotdog now), Masturbation, Peeing, Squirting, Faceriding, 69 …. are you still with us?

Of course, the peak of the scene is when you choose to spread your love into her or on her, and you have a special folder called Semen, so you really need to see where you are going with that (wink, wink).

As expected, Illusion does not disappoint with Sexy Beach Zero. A great looking sex simulator, a very interactive dating sim, and gorgeous looking 3D Japanese girls, this game looks like it has it all. The fourth of the Sexy Beach series provides you with many hours of great quality adult entertainment, and you will get to experience everything Japanese-kinky style.

The game was released in 2010, and it is a very popular 3D eroge game in Japan. English versions are, unfortunately, only fan made, since Illusion does not sell its games overseas. However, the game can be acquired from third parties, only that you will not get any service or official translation in English.

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