Scarlet Blade – Putting the S in Sexy
Scarlet Blade screenshot

Scarlet Blade has already been labeled as an adult oriented MMORPG. Although except for the ultra sexy characters, there is nothing about this game to spell ‘sex game’, it is clear that all the powers that be declared the game to be unfit for young eyes and minds.

What the makers of Scarlet Blade thought about it when putting their scantily clad ladies to advertise their game is the old saying of ‘sex sells’. The girls are sexy, their outfits barely cover whatever needs to be covered to avoid a total backlash from PTAs across the globe, and you get to play with various customization options when you create a character.

Scarlet Blade Intro
A cool, sexy adventure awaits right from the loading screen

Apparently, there is even a motivation for the girls to be so hot. According to the story, thousands of years from now into the distant future, the humanity is on the brink of extinction, prey to an alien civilization called the Narak. To save the Earth, a secret organization called the Ark is created, with the only purpose to clone and enhance humans in order to make them fit for battle. As it seems, females make better cyborg soldiers than males, and the fact that they look like hot 3D babes from a male oriented magazine is only a bonus.

For those who may want to know, nudity is not exactly straightforward in the game. Although you can see your chosen girl warrior in her sexy lingerie, and even her battle suit covers just tiny bits of her good points, leaving little to the imagination, you can see her naked only if you purchase new costumes and lingerie from the shop. In the process of changing outfits, you will be able to see more bare skin than normal.

Scarlet Blade Sexy
It’s easy to get distracted when your weapon master looks like this

Right from the start, it is obvious that sexy girls make for the main course in the game. You will have to choose between two factions, and then one of six classes. You can browse through the girls until you make up your mind, but, as in any MMORPG, you can create more characters and play with them in the game.

The only disappointment is probably the fact that you cannot customize the character’s body, once you make your choice. (So, no instant breast enlargement … makes you wonder how did the humanity manage to make cyborgs so far into the future, but without such a needed feature?)

Scarlet Blade naked
The best armor ever … on a sexy girl!

You can, however, customize your sexy virtual girl’s face, makeup, hairstyle and choose between two different outfits and two different sets of lingerie.

Once you are ready to start the game, you will notice that the warriors are not the only sexy females around. Everyone, even the so called AI Mother, has all the needed feminine traits to make boys and grown men go crazy.

A nice plus to the game is represented by the dialogue. It seems that every girl you meet or must have a conversation with must joke about something or be ironic about something. Don’t worry; your sexy babe gives as good as she takes … so it is refreshing to read the dialogues when you take on a new quest.

Scarlet Blade Selection Path
No matter which path you choose, you’ll be in charge of a super sexy babe

Otherwise, Scarlet Blade is played like most MMORPGs. You receive quests – you will need to leave the underground and head for the surface, where you encounter all kinds of mechanic creatures – you receive experience and rewards.

Another thing that may be to most boys’ liking is the fact that after you reach level 17, your Arkana (the sexy girl chosen as your character) can turn into a mech and crush the opponents.

It looks like LivePlex may have taken a bit of a gamble by making Scarlet Blade so sexy. But, since there are so few adult oriented mainstream titles, it probably is a risk worth taking.