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Marina’s Cuckolding Report Hentai Game Review

Marina’s Cuckolding Report: Sensitive Wife and Great Fuck College Student has a pretty self-explanatory title, but there is more than meets the eye – pun intended – in this hentai game. Brought to the world by Atelier Sakura, a developer known for other similar titles, this simple game tells a not-so-simple story that involves a […]

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome – Hentai Otome Game Review

Otome games may not be anything new, but otome games with strong hentai content are extremely rare. That is why Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome is one fantastic addition to the world of hentai games, if not for anything else than the fact that it is a hentai game for girls, and there are not many […]

Starless - sex game

Starless: Nymphomaniac’s Paradise Hentai Game Review

Starless: Nymphomaniac’s Paradise is a hentai game that comes from the same guys who gave to the world titles like Bible Black, and Discipline: Record of a Crusade. The title leaves little to the imagination, and it actually presents the gamer the plot in a nutshell. If you haven’t suspected it by now, let’s make […]

Tsuki Possession Game Review

Tsuki Possession is a hentai game created by ZyX in 2001, and localized for the English speaking audience two years later, by G-Collections. This eroge title gravitates around rape fantasies at their kinky best, and it follows the adventures of a young man who, one day, feels darkness growing inside and pushing him to subject […]

The Sagara Family Hentai Game Review

The Sagara Family is one of the most popular dating sims created by the Japanese developer ZyX, known for titles such as Do You Like Horny Bunnies? and Lighting Warrior Raidy. Exploring the well spread male fantasy of living under the same roof with a bunch of kinky beautiful women, The Sagara Family is very […]

Monster-Girl-Quest - sex game

Monster Girl Quest Review

Monster Girl Quest is the kind of hentai game one does not simply play just for the sake of hentai scenes. The game is, in its very nature, a JRPG, where you battle various enemies, gain experience and, progress towards your goal. So, where is the hentai? There is plenty to begin with, since, as […]

Moero Donhill Night - sex game review

Moero Downhill Night Review

Moero Downhill Night is the first episode in a series of eroge hentai games sharing the same title, released by Peach Princess in 2005, and localized for the English speaking audience by JAST USA. In case you are wondering about the title and what it is supposed to mean (as it happens with many Japanese […]

Hitomi – My Stepsister

Hitomi – My Stepsister Review

Hitomi – My Stepsister is a hentai game by Mercure, translated in English by G-Collections. Basically a dating sim, this adult oriented game is filled with nudity, mature themes, and some graphic violence (mostly implied by the dialogue or what happens in the main character’s head). Despite the cute name, Hitomi – My Stepsister is […]

Figures of Happiness - sex game review

Figures of Happiness Hentai Game Review

Figures of Happiness is a hentai game created by Angel Smile, and translated by G-Collections for the English speaking audience. In short, this Japanese sex game is the type where you come for the porn, and stay for the story. A dating sim to its core, Figures of Happiness tries to deal with some pretty […]

Relations: Sister x Sister - sex game review

Relations: Sister x Sister Review

Relations: Sister x Sister is a hentai game, where you play the role of a guy who suddenly gets two step sisters when his father decides to remarry. The visual novel is the first ever released by the Japanese developer Aile Soft. As expected from an eroge, soon enough you will find yourself in all […]