Monster-Girl-Quest - sex game

Monster Girl Quest Review

Monster Girl Quest is the kind of hentai game one does not simply play just for the sake of hentai scenes. The game is, in its very nature, a JRPG, where you battle various enemies, gain experience and, progress towards your goal. So, where is the hentai? There is plenty to begin with, since, as […]

Moero Donhill Night - sex game review

Moero Downhill Night Review

Moero Downhill Night is the first episode in a series of eroge hentai games sharing the same title, released by Peach Princess in 2005, and localized for the English speaking audience by JAST USA. In case you are wondering about the title and what it is supposed to mean (as it happens with many Japanese […]

Hitomi – My Stepsister

Hitomi – My Stepsister Review

Hitomi – My Stepsister is a hentai game by Mercure, translated in English by G-Collections. Basically a dating sim, this adult oriented game is filled with nudity, mature themes, and some graphic violence (mostly implied by the dialogue or what happens in the main character’s head). Despite the cute name, Hitomi – My Stepsister is […]

Figures of Happiness - sex game review

Figures of Happiness Hentai Game Review

Figures of Happiness is a hentai game created by Angel Smile, and translated by G-Collections for the English speaking audience. In short, this Japanese sex game is the type where you come for the porn, and stay for the story. A dating sim to its core, Figures of Happiness tries to deal with some pretty […]

Relations: Sister x Sister - sex game review

Relations: Sister x Sister Review

Relations: Sister x Sister is a hentai game, where you play the role of a guy who suddenly gets two step sisters when his father decides to remarry. The visual novel is the first ever released by the Japanese developer Aile Soft. As expected from an eroge, soon enough you will find yourself in all […]

Crescendo - dating sex game

Crescendo Hentai Game Review

Crescendo is an ecchi dating sim developed by D.O. and localized for English by G-Collections. Famous for its beautiful graphics and intricate story, Crescendo is one of the most popular hentai games to date, in its country of birth, as well as around the world. If you are in the mood for a storyline that […]

Cosplay Fetish Academy - sex game review

Cosplay Fetish Academy Hentai Game Review

Cosplay Fetish Academy is a sex game where, unlike in porn, the story matters. As you may have guessed already, this a visual novel where you go through the story with the only purpose to get down and dirty with various cute anime girls and of course, find love in the process. (Don’t worry, the […]

Come See Me Tonight - sex game review

Come See Me Tonight Review

Come See Me Tonight is an adult dating sim created by Sekilala in 2003, and localized for the English audience by G-Collections. Including quite a fair amount of beautiful girls, nice hentai scenes, and incest scenarios, Come See Me Tonight is a good choice if you like a playful story, where fun is guaranteed, especially […]

Brave Soul - sex game reivew

Brave Soul Hentai Game Review

Brave Soul is a cross over between a classic RPG and a hentai game. The game was released for the English speaking audience by Peach Princess, and created by Crowd, a Japanese developer, known for other titles, such as the X-Change series and Tokimeki Check-in!. Brave Soul is quite popular with the Western audience, despite […]

Yumina the Ethereal

Yumina the Ethereal Review

Yumina the Ethereal is an eroge RPG created by JAST and released in 2013. So far, the game has conquered the hearts of many fans, due to its interesting and funny story, its battle system, and its moe characters. While many hentai games are designed as visual novels, where you are taken through a story […]