Relations: Sister x Sister Review
Relations: Sister x Sister - sex game review

Relations: Sister x Sister is a hentai game, where you play the role of a guy who suddenly gets two step sisters when his father decides to remarry. The visual novel is the first ever released by the Japanese developer Aile Soft. As expected from an eroge, soon enough you will find yourself in all kinds of pleasant situations with your new sisters and not only. With nice looking artwork, and a good rooster of cute girls, Relations: Sister x Sister is the type of dating sim, where the focus is on relationships and sex.

Unlike other hentai games that seldom include sex scenes just as a nice complement to an actual story, you will not have to deal anything like that in this particular visual novel. Your only purpose will be to choose a girl, and eventually get in bed with her. Your mission is quite simple, since all the girls seem to be in love with you anyway. Now, what’s a guy to do? Of course, but to play all the routes and have sex with all the girls!

Relations: Sister x Sister sex game
Having sex with all the girls in the game is a must. Each is more beautiful and unique than another.

Now, onto the story. You are Kouhei Akagi, a normal guy who goes to school and does whatever average, normal male students do in Japan. All these until one day, when your father gives you the big news: you are going to have a new mother (since your real one died more than 10 years prior). However, the new mother does not come alone, but with two daughters of her own, which will, of course, become your step sisters.

Nothing special up to this point, except that Relations: Sister x Sister is an eroge, so something’s got to give. The two sisters are smoking hot, one older than you, the other, younger. While the older one is the kind of popular, determined girl who anyone likes, the younger one is shy and even has a deep fear of men, so it will be up to you to prove to her that it is not actually that bad to receive some TLC from members of the opposite sex, you in particular.

Relations: Sister x Sister
The graphic quality is excellent and each of the sex scene is beautifully drawn.

These girls are not the only ones in the game. A childhood friend, a wealthy girl, and a bookworm are among the other characters. Your school life is about to change and for the better. With so many attractive girls around you, your main concern will be which girl to choose.

With the story in place, you now need to learn more about the gameplay. As expected from a visual novel, you are basically guided through the story, and you only need to make decisions every once in a while, this way steering the story on one route or another. All in all, if you want to play all the routes, you will get about 30 hours of game time. Keep in mind that you do not have a harem scenario available, so you will need to choose one of the girls and stick to her route.

A light romantic and comedy hentai, Relations: Sister x Sister can easily be qualified as a nukige, a game where the accent is placed on getting laid. So there is no complicated story, no puzzles to solve, no monsters to kill; your sole purpose will be to get it on with one of the girls around you, and that is it.

Relations: Sister x Sister sexy anime girl
Regardless of you type, Relations: Sister x Sister will find a girl for you.

The female cast is good enough, with 5 different girls to choose from. Although Relations: Sister x Sister does care about the main stereotypes found in most hentai games – the (step) sister, the childhood friend, the girl who comes from money, the shy one, the popular type and the bookworm with a kinky mind, it does so well enough. The girls are very beautiful, the artwork is clean, and the hentai scenes are worth all the mouse clicking you will have to do to get to them.

Kaori is your older stepsister. She is beautiful, sexy, popular and good at everything she wants to do. No wonder she wants to become a doctor. Kaori is as close as you can get to a perfect girl in a hentai game, as she truly has no flaws. Her easygoing nature make her instantly popular with all the students in school, so you will feel like quite a lucky guy if you get with her.

Relations: Sister x Sister - hentai game
Different girls, different personalities. The game really spoils us!

Chisato is the younger sister. Unlike her sister, she is shy and withdrawn. Luckily, she shares with her sister the same nice physique, and clothes cannot hide her shapely body. Although she is afraid of men, she will eventually warm up to you, and you will get to see what a shy girl can do in bed. Be aware that choosing one sister over the other, will have one of them quite depressed and upset.

However, if you do not have a thing for your step sisters, there are other female characters to choose from. Haruka Ise is your childhood friend, and the type of energetic girl that can easily get on your nerves. Very cute, Haruka plays the tsundere role quite well, so be aware of her tricks. Nonetheless, she likes you very much, and she’s a great alternative to your sisters.

Relations: Sister x Sister - sex scene
In the end is up to you to decide what girl you like more. Or you can press the Pay button again, like we did.

Shizuka Kirishima is the bookworm mentioned earlier. Although she does not wear glasses, she is cute in that librarian type of cute, often met in hentai games. She loves reading a lot, up to the point that she can shut down the world around her. However, when she’s not doing that, she’s quite into you, and it is easy to charm her up.

Misa Yamashiro is your perfect ojou-sama. Although she comes from money, she gets into a fight with her grandfather, and she ends up being as poor as anyone else. Forced to work in a restaurant, she is a bit arrogant and condescending, and she is also likes to act like a tsundere towards you. Once you get past her defenses, she is quite cute, shy and vulnerable.

Relations: Sister x Sister is an easy to play hentai game where you only need to follow one girl’s route or another to get in bed with her. Because of the artwork and the beautiful girls, it is a great recommendation for anyone who likes visual novels with plenty of sex in them.

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