Marina's Cuckholding Report

Marina’s Cuckholding Report, Translated Into English for the Western audience

Marina’s Cuckholding Report, a new title from Atelier Sakura, has been recently translated into English and it will be available to the Western audience, for all fans’ enjoyment. As you may well suspect from the self-explanatory title, Marina’s Cuckholding Report is mainly, well, about some cuckholding action. The subject of the story goes like this. […]

Conan Exiles nudity screenshot

Conan Exiles, the Game that Makes PewDiePie Play with Himself

Conan Exiles, the new game for PC that basically throws you in an unforgiving wasteland to fend for yourself in an atmosphere that spells ‘the weak get eaten and only the strong survive’, makes adepts among hardcore gamers and un-initiates alike, but not necessarily for the reasons you may expect. PewDiePie is the flag bearer […]