Monster Girl Quest Review
Monster-Girl-Quest - sex game

Monster Girl Quest is the kind of hentai game one does not simply play just for the sake of hentai scenes. The game is, in its very nature, a JRPG, where you battle various enemies, gain experience and, progress towards your goal. So, where is the hentai? There is plenty to begin with, since, as the story suggests, you live in a world filled with sexy monster girls.

And what do these monster girls – some of them pretty hot hentai girls with some monster-like add-ons, of course – love best? Apparently, they thrive on human semen, and they hunt down males just to feed on their sperm.

Now, before getting to the good part, where hot monster girls want to engage with you in virtual porn, and basically rape you, let’s start with the story.

Monser Girl Quest - Ilias
The story starts with Ilias that wants to to help the monster girl world.

You play the role of Luka, a young boy who wants nothing but his world to be at peace. For this, he needs to become the greatest hero of all, and defeat the Monster Lord, who is responsible for constant attacks on humans. As you easily learn, the human world is under the great threat of monster girls who want nothing but feed on human sperm.

This task is given to Luka by Ilias, the goddess worshipped by the human world, who wants to get rid of all the monster girls. As you advance through the story, you discover that Ilias is not as innocent and good as she claims to be, and that the Monster Lord is not actually responsible for what is happening badly in the human world.

All changes for Luka when he meets hot lamia (that’s a snake monster girl, for you) named Alice, who shows no hostility towards the valiant hero. The two become friends, and, despite their difference, they grow fondly of one another.

Monster Girl Quest - screenshot 2
We don’t know if she is a dragon or a vampire, but we like it, in a weird way.

Have we gotten to the hentai porn yet? Well, just a few words on the battle system and we’re done. Every battle is turn-based, which means that you get to attack and then wait for the monster girl you are confronting to make her move. This continues like this until one of you wins.

In case you feel motivated enough to start fighting the monster girls and you trust your battle skills enough to think you can easily win, you should think again. The battles are not easy at all, and, there is another reason why you should not hurry that much to win every battle.

And ta-da! The good part is finally here! In the event of your loss, you get raped by the monster girl you were fighting moments ago. On par with Lightning Warrior Raidy II, when it comes to monster sex, this game abounds in all kinds of perversions and sexual acts, which means that you have all the motivation in the world to lose some battles or even all of them. Once the monster girl gets all the semen out of you, your stamina drops to zero, and, basically, you become a useless hero.

Monster Girl Quest - slime girl anime
Yes, some monster-girls are really really out of this world.

However, as the game allows you to load from the previous scene, it is easy to go through all the hentai hotness first, by losing, and only after that, concentrate on the battle and try to win.

Luka has a set of skills and some basic stats to help him through battles, and the gameplay in itself is pretty interesting, adding to the appeal that is already there, with all the hentai content present.

Monster Girl Quest - fight scene
The fighting is both stimulating and very rewarding.

In case you are wondering why the monster girls are different in terms of graphic appearance, this is because they are drawn by different artists. That being said, you can fight for your life (or your semen) and try winning against those who do not appeal to you, and then just surrender and enjoy some fun with the hot babes who are to your liking.

Monster Girl Quest - tiny lamia
A tiny lamia girl! Yes, the moe factor is off the charts right now.

Monster Girl Quest is a very popular eroge series, and the third chapter has been recently released. Apparently, Luka will continue to get raped by a wide variety of hot monster girls throughout the new chapter, as well. We will surely keep an eye on this series and make sure to review any new sex games as soon as they get released and translated.

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