Moero Downhill Night Review
Moero Donhill Night - sex game review

Moero Downhill Night is the first episode in a series of eroge hentai games sharing the same title, released by Peach Princess in 2005, and localized for the English speaking audience by JAST USA. In case you are wondering about the title and what it is supposed to mean (as it happens with many Japanese sex games, that may or may not be self-explanatory), it is enough to say that it has to do with illegal racing and hot girls. Got your attention?

Moero Downhill Night and its sequels have a strange way of veering off the usual direction of dating sims. If you are familiar with hentai games, where your main goal is to date and bed different girls, you probably know where this is going. But, and this is quite a big but, this is not all. Moero Downhill Night is also a so called anime racing game, but not one in the orthodox meaning of the term ‘racing game”. We will explain right away. First, let’s get you introduced to the story.

Moero Downhill Night - panty shot
The game’s visuals are quite impressive. We love it!

You play the role of a guy called Daichi Shou, whose main job is to deliver soba (a Japanese specialty) for a shop located in the Himeda mountains. You do not have big hopes and dreams and you just basically striving to survive, until one day, when your fate is turned upside down … and this is where the game starts. One day, you are the victim of an accident, and, when you wake up from your state of unconsciousness, you find yourself next to a beautiful girl.

Her name is Michi, she is very cute – yes, in that Japanese anime sort of cute – and she claims that you are no one else but a legendary driver whose main purpose is to help her win races against a bunch of other cute girls who are her rivals. Since she is so beautiful, you do not want to disappoint her, so you agree to become her navigator.

Moero Downhill Night - sex game
The girls will reward you if you help them win the race. And you better, because the girls are super hot!

This is where the game chooses a different direction from what actual dating sims look and feel like. You will get to play races, standing on the passenger seat next to Michi, and tell her when and where to turn, when to change gears and all that jazz. While for a Western audience, used to great racing games like Need for Speed, all these choices may seem weird, it is just a way for the Japanese developers to make their dating sim more than a usual eroge.

Of course, the fact that you do not actually get to drive may be quite maddening for a guy. In case the rendered images of racing cars are no solace for this frustration, maybe the fact that you will get to sleep with all the girls Michi beats in races (but only if you win), will be of more help in this regard. The girls are really beautiful and sexy, so, even if you find the gameplay in Moero Downhill Night a bit tedious, you will love this hentai game for its gorgeous girls.

Moero Downhill Night - screenshot 2
You will not get to drive any cars, but don’t be sad, you will get to drive the girls nuts.

The gameplay may be different, but it can be quite alert and challenging at times. You will have four options to choose from, every once in a while, and you will have to guess all of them right, or it will be game over for you. Needless to say, Michi will never trust you again, and you will lose that legendary driver aura. In not so many words, try to save as many times and possible.

Now, that you are familiar with the story, and with its unconventional gameplay for a dating sim, it is time to meet the girls. Michi is the girl who knocks you unconscious on that fateful day at the beginning of the game. She has pink hair, a very cheerful attitude, and she wants to win every race. It is all simple enough, yet, in the same time, you will not get to the good part with her, if you prove to be a useless navigator. However, since the road towards the game over screen is accompanied by many sexy adventures, you will not endure being an abstinent for too long. Plus, there is no risk for you, whatsoever, to lose Michi’s interest, unless you lose a race. In the meantime, you can cheat her with the girls she gets to beat. Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

Moero Downhill Night - hentai game
Strong and brave, Kyouka will make you want to fight for her all the way.

Kyouka is a black haired cutie who plays the tomboy role. She is very ambitious and she has no interest in taking over her parents’ kimono shop. Nonetheless, those clothes look good on her, and she also looks good without them. She has quite a big mouth, and she will not hesitate to give you a piece of her mind when you are staring at her boobs for too long.

Yuuna is a tiny beautiful blonde, but with an ego that compensates for her small frame. Being the heiress to a rich family, she is quite arrogant and spoiled and she wants things to go her way. However, if you win the race against her, you will get to know her better.

Maria is a local nun (nothing unusual for a hentai game), who has a sweet tooth for racing. Luckily for you, that’s not the only sin she loves to indulge in, and you will get to see more of her once you show her that nuns should not race.

Moero Downhill Night - Lyli anime girl
Lily is more shy than other girls, and getting her will be a bit of a challenge.

Lily is a beautiful foreign girl, very mysterious and shy. Since each route (race included) does not take more than one to two hours to complete, you do not have a lot of time to get into an intricate, complex story, so you may be disappointed in this respect. However, getting to undress all the girls and see them in all kinds of naughty positions with the male character will compensate for the lack of detail.

3D rendered racing scenes, hentai girls at their best, nice, high beat music and the fact that Moero Downhill Night is a dating sim with a twist, contribute to the appeal of this particular hentai game. If you are looking for something fresh and different, this eroge is most probably for you.