Marina’s Cuckholding Report, Translated Into English for the Western audience
Marina's Cuckholding Report

Marina’s Cuckholding Report, a new title from Atelier Sakura, has been recently translated into English and it will be available to the Western audience, for all fans’ enjoyment. As you may well suspect from the self-explanatory title, Marina’s Cuckholding Report is mainly, well, about some cuckholding action. The subject of the story goes like this.

Marina's Cuckholding Report
Marina looks like a loving wife right from the start

A guy named Kenji Azuma, married to a beautiful amazing anime girl who goes by the name Marina, suddenly becomes fascinated with the subject of cuckholding. It all starts, like so many perverted things in our daily lives, with a little innocent browsing on the World Wide Web. In his exploits, Kenji stumbles upon a website dedicated to guys who are very much into offering their wives to be sexed up by other men, aka cuckholding.

cuckholding sex game
The wife is really into this cuckholding stuff

Needless to say, Kenji gets a boner pretty much instantly and decides that it would be a good idea to ask his wife if she was down with the idea. As any loving wife who would never say ‘no’ to her husband, Marina jumps into the game, most probably just as turned on by the idea as Kenji (although at this point, we cannot be really sure about it, since the title is just being launched on the Western market).

From this point forward, Kenji’s and Marina’s adventure begins, and with theirs, yours, too. This game is a visual novel, so it is played like any other, with going through lines and lines of dialogue, until you reach the fateful points of the story, where you need to choose one answer or another. The outcome depends on the way you choose your answers.

hentai game sex scene
There will be plenty of hot sexy action in this visual novel

The complete title of this hentai game is Marina’s Cuckholding Report – Sensitive Wife and Great Fuck College Student. With such a title, we can almost accuse the creators that they are giving away too many spoilers, but we cannot really hold it against them, since Marina smiles so prettily from the enticing cover.

If you are into sexy girls, kinky action, and, of course, cuckholding, you will find this title to be right up your alley. However, if you are more into being an active character into a sex game simulator, playing Hentai 3D 2: Cry of Pleasure will put you right on the scene. It’s free to play and you can create your own hentai scenes, as you see fit.

Or, if this is the kind of game you would like to play, you will find it here.