Lightning Warrior Raidy Review
Lightning Warrior Raidy

Lightning Warrior Raidy is a Japanese hentai game where the fighting action is combined with kinky (mainly lesbian) scenes, a result of the fights you engage in. Not necessarily an eroge in the traditional sense, Lightning Warrior Raidy combines RPG and dungeon crawler elements with cool hentai stuff.

From the moment you jump into the game, you quickly realize that you are in charge of manipulating an as good as naked female warrior who is very handy with a sword and very pervy in the same time (although I think she is supposed to be a virgin or something). To give some kind of explanation for the title, she has a special power that allows her to fire lightning from her sword. In search of an explanation for this special ability, she travels from place to place, and here is how she lands in a small village called Saad.

Lightning Warrior Raidy - screenshots
All the sexy girls await you to save them from evil!

This is where the game story begins in this Japanese adult oriented game. Play on words most probably intended, Saad is truly a sad place, as all the fuckable girls in the village have been stolen and carried away by monsters who live in a nearby dark tower.

As a true adventurer, Raidy quickly embarks on the new mission and promises the villagers to bring back all the cute hentai girls now hidden in the monsters’ tower.

The beginning of the game shows Raidy in front of the tower entrance, meditating on the perils that wait ahead. Little she knows that she will not only have to fight for her life, but also for her virginity. You soon learn, from the moment you step into the tower of Cubust, that you will have to fight monster girls with your sword, while basically having to fight off some really weird sexual advances. Weird, like in tentacle rape and things like that.

Lightning Warrior Raidy - sexy warrior girl
Facing the dungeon.

Raidy finds out that the girls from the village are kept inside the tower where they are subjected to the most terrible sexual fantasies imagined by the monster girls who crawl everywhere in the tower of Cubust. In order to liberate them, you will need to fight all the monsters you encounter, through all the six levels of the maze-like tower.

Now, a few things about the gameplay. Lightning Warrior Raidy is not much of an RPG, although it claims to be. There are not many RPG elements in it, and you have a few standards attack moves to use against the monster girls you meet along the way. You will be limited to level 35, which is a bit annoying since you will still meet some really hard to defeat monsters. You will be heavily dependent on gulping health potions, like a potion whore, and you will have to scrap for them from the monster girls you defeat. When you will meet a level boss, you will quickly learn why you need to hang on to your potions, as much as you can.

Lightning Warrior Raidy - hot anime girls
Even the evil girls are extremely hot!

Enough with the fighting already and let’s see how much hentai action is in this Japanese sex game. First of all, do not let yourself intimidated by the fact that you will fight monster girls. They are truly a delight to the senses, as they are nothing else but beautiful hentai girls, with some – very few and far between – monster traits, such as a tail or cat ears. Most sex scenes in Lightning Warrior Raidy are female on female, so yuri enthusiasts must really check this and add it to their collection of hentai games.

On the first level, you will meet Fonfon, a female werewolf, armed with a nasty looking whip. Be aware that she is not using it only for fighting, as she also loves indulging in BDSM play, if you really suck at playing dungeon crawlers and you have Raidy lose to the boss on the first level, Fonfon.

The sorceress is not a stranger to BDSM delights either. She looks pretty much like a dominatrix, hentai style, and if you lose on the second level, Raidy will suffer sexual torment at her hands.

Lightning Warrior Raidy - hentai game
Sexy and cute! We love the variation!

Tiss is the monster girl you will meet as the boss of the third level. Her outfit leaves little to the imagination, and her kinky preferences include playing with hot wax. Ouch! Watch out Raidy!

As you progress through the tower levels, things are getting weirder and weirder for Raidy. Besides fighting various monster girls, who are a dime a dozen, but are good for scraping healing potions, you will meet various bosses who like to play rough. On the fourth level, you will meet Foless, a flat chested dark elf who is very much into, ugh, enemas. If you do not want Raidy to have to lose everything safely stored in her bowels, it would be a good idea to put Foless into her place.

A mysterious character will appear on the fifth level of the tower of Cubust, some monster called the Knight Errant. After you fight this monster, you will get to see why lies beneath that heavy armor. Until then, hold tightly to your virginity, Raidy!

Lightning Warrior Raidy - tentacles sex scene
No true hentai game is complete without some tentacles!

The best part of Lightning Warrior Raidy, as a hentai game, is that it can be played both ways. This means that you will not be very frustrated if you lose since you will be delighted with plenty of heavy hentai yuri action. If you like the looks on the monster girl you are fighting, you only need to play badly, to see how it goes. However, rest assured that Raidy is not going to take everything laying down. If she wins, she will get to torture sexually the other monster girls.

All in all, Lightning Warrior Raidy is a very entertaining Japanese adult game. While it can get frustrating from having to search all the levels down to the darkest corners, to make sure you have enough health potions, the hentai lesbian scenes are very creative and interesting, not to mention kinky enough to fill a book.

Lightning Warrior Raidy - lesbian screenshot
Girl on girl action! What’s not to love?

The graphics are also very beautiful, as far as characters are concerned, so you will definitely enjoy going through each level and fighting each boss, no matter if you win or lose.

The developers behind Lightning Warrior Raidy are the same guys that made The Sagara Family and Virgin Roster, so the level of kinkiness should not come as a surprise. If you are into yuri (that’s lesbian porn the Japanese way), this hentai game is a must play. And, if you do not care much for the fighting action, it is not that bad to lose to the monster girls you will have to battle with. After all, you will get to see all their crazy ideas in action, about how they want to punish Raidy for daring to step into their tower.

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