Kamidori Alchemist Meister Review
Kamidori Alchemist Meister

Kamidori Alchemist Meister is a Japanese SRPG, developed by Eushully, with generous eroge scenes, sexy heroines, and a great gameplay to boot.

You play the role of a guy named Wilfred Dion (everyone just calls you Wil, it’s probably easier to remember), who wants to be an alchemist in the great Workshop City from the Yuidora state. The story, as far as the visual novel part is concerned, is nothing unheard of in the world of Japanese game; different worlds are at war, a great occasion for Wil to meet cute hentai girls from various races and get down and dirty with them.

Kamidori Alchemist Meister - screenshot sexy elf girl
Nothing is cuter than a sexy wet elf girl!

Yes, this is a hentai, and you will get plenty of action, as every girl in the game is practically head over heels for you, but be aware that you will have to play many hours until you will unlock any hentai scenes. On the other hand, the effort is well rewarded, since, after that, you will get plenty of nice scenes to go through with the main heroines, as well as other female side characters.

Back to the story, Wil wants to pass the exam for becoming an alchemist, since the previous year, he could not manage to get his license, as his parents tragically died. They left him their alchemy shop, and responsibilities weigh a lot on his shoulders.

Do not worry for your male protagonist, though; he will soon start meeting the female heroines, and they will become his bodyguards and allies. With new forces, Wil puts his parents’ workshop back together and starts doing – what else? – alchemy!

Kamidori Alchemist Meister - armored princess
Knight girls and armored princesses will bow before your might!

This is a nice touch to the otherwise quite classic RPG gameplay. After you fight different monsters and collect various materials, you bring them back to your shop, where you can start crafting interesting items to enhance yours and your girls’ equipment. Even for those who are not much into crafting, your shop management should interest you, for reasons we will let you know right away.

Each of the main heroines, Emelita, Servalwi and Yuela, has one route, which you can take. This means that if you choose a certain girl, the others two will become locked together with their routes. Luckily, you will not be as monogamous as you think, since you will get plenty of action from side characters of various fantasy inspired races.

Now, getting on one of the heroines’ routes does not automatically qualify you for unlocking the H-scenes with them. As a skilled alchemist, you will need to enhance the girls’ armors, and to help them gain levels, by taking them along on quests. Only when they reach a certain level and you have managed to enhance their armors up to a certain point, you will be able to have sex with them.

Kamidori Alchemist Meister - sexy cute anime girl
Did we mention “other races”? Yes, we did 😀

Kamidori Alchemist Meister is not a sex game in the true sense of the word. Basically, if you are not into battles, killing monsters, gathering resources, crafting items and so on, you will have to endure many hours of gameplay until you reach hot hentai scenes with the girls.

However, this eroge is quite full of action, and if you like playing games at least a bit, and especially RPGs, you will definitely love it. Consider the hentai scenes you will reach with the girls a veritable reward for your effort on the battlefield and for your alchemy skills.

Now, as many would expect, it is time to present the beautiful hentai heroines.

Kamidori Alchemist Meister - sexy hentai game
Sexy and hot, we love it!

Yuela is your standard cute hentai fighter, with great abilities in battle, as well as, ahem, in bed. She wants the magical powers of her sword to be returned, which is why she offers to become Wil’s bodyguard and go with him on quests. Very useful in dungeon fights, as a dependable warrior, Yuela is also a superb hentai beauty and you will definitely enjoy the sex scenes with her.

Servalwi is an elf with big beautiful boobs, who wants nothing but for elves and humans to live together in peace and harmony. She is obviously trying to reach that goal, by seducing Wil, and she does not mind showing off her affection. Servalwi is the motherly type, quite common in many hentai games. If you are into blondes, he is definitely the choice for you.

The last heroine is Emelita, the childish one. While she can be used as a nuke wizard in fights, she is also quite diligent in managing your shop, so you can leave her behind to take care of your finances. Seeing that in this game, you can end up losing because you can go bankrupt, it may be a good choice to put Emelita in charge.

Kamidori Alchemist Meister - sexy princess
The cute princess loves to show her appreciation.

Besides the three heroines, each one with her route, Kamidori Alchemist Meister is swarming with hentai beauties. Throughout this eroge game, you will be able to sleep with an earth spirit, with beautiful tanned skin, a blue beautiful creature from a lake, and a wind element with a playful attitude, among many hentai girls.

Long story short, Kamidori Alchemist Meister can be considered a classic harem hentai game, where the male protagonist never lacks the attention of cute girls who love nothing more than getting him into bed with them.

In 2011, the game received the Moe Game Award Silver Grand Prize, among other distinctions for the impact it had on players and critics alike.

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