Hitomi – My Stepsister Review
Hitomi – My Stepsister

Hitomi – My Stepsister is a hentai game by Mercure, translated in English by G-Collections. Basically a dating sim, this adult oriented game is filled with nudity, mature themes, and some graphic violence (mostly implied by the dialogue or what happens in the main character’s head). Despite the cute name, Hitomi – My Stepsister is actually one of those hentai visual novels where rape is on the menu, and it is up to you whether you want to play as the good guy or the bad guy.

This is actually one of the major challenges you will encounter as you play through the game. Choose to be a good guy and you will be abused by nymphomaniac females; choose to be the bad guy and you will definitely end up raping someone. Depending on which posture you want to assume, dark endings are readily available, although there are a few scenarios that are not that violent. In case you’re searching for a heartfelt story instead, a title like Kana Little Sister may be right up your alley.

Hitomi – My Stepsister screenshot 1
Hitomi is your gorgeous black haired step sister.

Now, onto the story, you play the role of a certain Takahiro Maejima, a teenage boy still in high-school, who leads a relatively dull life. Your mother left your father some time ago, probably because he is a workaholic. So you are alone, most of the time. Things change radically once your father comes home one day and makes a big announcement: he is going to remarry, and you will have a stepsister.

This is how the story starts. Suddenly, your life as Takahiro becomes much better. You get to enjoy warm meals every day, as apparently, your father’s new wife is a cooking maniac, among other things, but this is not, by far, the best part. When Hitomi, your stepsister is introduced to you, something almost instantly happens in your pants. She’s a real beauty, with huge breasts, long black hair, and lips like sakura flowers.

From that point forward, things are going downhill, and no matter how much you may want to use your restraint, it is virtually impossible to resist the sensory overload thrown at you by the new members of your family. You cannot stop staring at your little sister’s boobs, and the mother is not to overlook either. She may be a psycho housewife, but she is overly endowed, as well, and ready to engage in all sorts of physical activities, if you know what we mean by that. Hey, this is a hentai game, of course you know.

Hitomi – My Stepsister hot mother
The mother will be sure to make you feel loved. Totally loved.

So, the sexual beast is awakened in you, and now you have just one thing on your mind: sex, sex, and, yes, again, sex. You need to have sex, as big bust women are flaunting their assets all around the house. And, since two girls is just too small a number for a hentai game, you also have Yuki, your classmate, beautiful, popular, and gifted with a pair of wonderful melons, as well.

The gameplay is not complicated in any way. Like all dating sims, Hitomi – My Stepsister is played by clicking through dialogue and descriptions of what goes on in your head, as you interact with the other characters. Each line is accompanied by still pictures, but the 2D art is nice to look at. Your main goal is to get in bed in one way or another with the attractive females around you. Just as a small warning, you get no harem option in this game, although you can end up having sex with two girls in the same time.

Hitomi – My Stepsister - panty shot
Your step sister will not try to make it any easy for you.

What makes Hitomi – My Stepsister a bit different from other hentai games, in terms of gameplay, is that you have a flowchart at your disposal, to see how you are progressing in your quest to score with each female character, depending on the choices you make throughout the game (which are not really many, to start with). This can come in handy if you have a certain girl in mind you want to have sex with.

This brings us to the girls. Unlike other games, where you have quite a rooster of characters to choose from, and the harem option is open, you only get three girls to pursue in Hitomi – My Stepsister. This also makes the game a bit short, when compared to other hentai dating sims, but it is still enjoyable, if you are not negatively impressed by dark themes.

Hitomi – My Stepsister - hentai
As you progress new sexual opportunities will open for you.

First things first, the action is centered on Hitomi, your little sister. She is very beautiful, but withdrawn and shy. She is quite taken aback by your interest in her, but she is secretly in love with you. Although Takahiro can be played as the attacker, as expected from a game, where the male character’s any sense of morale is taken over by hormones, in many scenes, she can be a willing sex partner.

Yoko is her mother, a mature beauty with huge breasts. She seems very devoted to her family duties, but she has a very dark side, as well. The great part about her is that Takahiro will get to taste that honey pot, if you choose her route.

Yuki Yanamoto is the popular classmate who only has eyes for you. You may get annoyed with her constant cheerful attitude, but do not let yourself fooled. She is quite a big pervert, and she is not the goody two shoes she likes to look like in front of most people.

Hitomi – My Stepsister - boobs
Regardless of what girl you choose to date, your stepsister will always be there for you!

You will not be able to pursue all the three women in the same time. The game can be replayed to get all the different endings, and also to get in bed with each and every one of these beauties. And, since Hitomi is your stepsister, it is not really an issue to sleep with her. Sister complex problems? Solved.

Do not expect the same tear-jerking, romantic story as you find in a game like Kana Little Sister. Although it may touch the same incest theme, Hitomi – My Stepsister is much darker, and it is not really love you are after here. Depending on which part you like to play, these two games are different sides of the same coin you will definitely enjoy. But, if you like getting all hot and bothered with stepsisters, another title, suggestively entitled Relations: Sister x Sister, is also an option.

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