Heart de Roommate Review
Heart de Roommate

Heart de Roommate is a dating sim created by AngelSmile and published in English by G-Collections. Mainly a romantic comedy hentai, Heart de Roommate has managed to draw a lot of fans over the years, proving to be more than meets the eye. Organized as a serialized anime, this particular visual novel is not as focused on sex as other hentai titles. Yet, through its cute characters, interesting story and humor, it is to date one of the most appreciated Japanese dating sims translated into English.

Heart de Roommate boobs
Girls with big boobs are all around you

To have things clear right from the start, if you expect a nukige – a hentai game where there is plenty of sex to enjoy and there is no other point in playing but getting laid – Heart de Roommate is not exactly for you. However, compared to any anime series out there that drags you episode after episode to a finale that is mildly satisfying in terms of how and when the characters finally get together, Heart de Roommate will give you plenty of reasons to enjoy. You will eventually get to have sex with all the important female characters, and you will have fun along the way, too.

Now, onto the story, you play the role of Yusuke Sawada, a guy who manages to be even less than the regular, run of the mill, average young male portrayed in so many hentai games. Yes, the bad news is that you play the role of a total wimp. The good news is that, throughout the story, you will grow up to be a man, and, of course, have some nice hentai scenes with all the cute anime girls around you.

Being as spineless as Yusuke is simply put, out of this world. His parents send him to an academy, but they do not care about putting him in a dormitory with the other students. In short, he is homeless, and just when he finds an occasion to move to an apartment complex nearby, his soon to be home burns to the ground. This is just one of the reasons why he really thinks he has bad luck. However, his fate is about to change, when he is accused by a girl of stealing panties.

Heart de Roommate pussy
Yes, you’ll get to touch cute babes in all kinds of naughty ways

Luckily, you do not end up getting arrested. On the contrary, the girl, whose name is Asumi, realizes that she went to the same school as you during childhood. Not all your common memories are that endearing, though; you remember her to be a bully, while she remembers that you have knowledge of a secret of hers. What secret? That remains for you to find out by playing the game.

Cutting the story short, Asumi is instantly assuming you are trying to blackmail her over her secret, although your character is totally confused and has no clue what she is talking about. When she asks you what you want in return for your silence, you quickly grab the chance and ask for a place to stay. In an instant, you are whisked away by Asumi and land in the girls’ dormitory. The catch is that males are not allowed here.

As a result, you are forced to sleep in the closet, and, what’s even worse, when you come out of there, you are dressed as a girl! This is Asumi’s idea on solving the blackmail issue and getting your well deserved shelter in the same time. For all the boys playing Heart de Roommate, Yusuke is living a dream come true: to sleep in the same room with a bunch of cute girls.

Heart de Roommate hentai sex
Having sex at school is totally possible

Heart de Roommate is played like any visual novel, by going through dialogue and making certain choices from time to time. That being said, the gameplay is a no-brainer, and you just need to focus on which girl you want to end up with. (There is no harem scenario available, so just save the game in its vital points to avoid boring replays once you are done with one girl and you want to try seducing another.) What makes Heart de Roommate stand out, however, is how the action is presented, in the form of two seasons of 13 episodes each, just like an anime series. Each episode has opening music and a preview of the next one at the end, just to keep things on the same page. Expect plenty of humor, some filler episodes, and arm yourself with patience: the sex part will not come until towards the end.

Now that you are familiar with the story and the gameplay, let’s meet the girls. The first you meet and you can hook up with is Asumi Hirota, a violent tsundere, who used to be a big bully when you two were little. Although she seems impossible to tolerate, because of her short fuse, she is actually all sweet and spice and everything nice on the inside. Once you get to know her, she will be all yours.

Tomoe Katsuragi represents the shy girl prototype. She has had little to do with boys before you land in the girls’ dormitory, but you will slowly grow on her and she will open up towards you. Do not expect too much of a challenge to win any of the girls over, as you only need to make some common sense choices when needed. (Just for the record, do not act like an anti-social dork; you still need to play nice towards the girls throughout the first season, so you can get a chance to enjoy their love in the episodes that will follow.)

Heart de Roommate hentai game
The girls are extremely cute in this hentai game

Marumu Ogamayama is one of the comical, yet somewhat tragic characters in Heart de Roommate. Because her face shows no emotions whatsoever, it is hard to say what she really thinks. At times, it may feel like she is just making fun of you. Still, as the other characters, she has a secret you will get to unveil, in case you choose her route.

Namiki Honjo is your cousin, one that seems more related to Asumi than to you, because of her energetic, uninhibited nature. A bit older than you, she is quite an interesting character, especially since she appears to be bisexual. This does not necessarily mean that she would do both as a male, and as a guy dressed as a girl. Once you get used to all the crossdressing and the humiliation, things probably become simpler, but, unfortunately, this is not that kind of game.

Last but not least, we have the sexy teacher, Yoshiko Yagami, who is also very kindhearted and a sweet woman. Unlike the other routes that put you together with girls of your age, Miss Yagami can give you a taste of what forbidden love tastes like.

Heart de Roommate is a nice addition for anyone enjoying dating sims. If you’re thinking about playing an ecchi game where you do eventually end up having sex with all the cute girls you meet, this particular title is for you. It is worth mentioning that the game received plenty of tender loving care from its developers and it excels in terms of graphics, story, and music. Because it goes deeper than a regular visual novel, the characters are developed nicely throughout, and it contains plenty of humor – chibis and crayon art included, as well as a cat – Heart de Roommate is a great recommendation.

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