Discipline: Record of a Crusade Review

Discipline: Record of a Crusade Review

Discipline: Record of a Crusade is a Japanese eroge game for PC, released in 2002, followed by an anime series and several original video animations. The popularity the game has enjoyed over the years may be linked to the fact that it was the first hentai game to ever been released on Blu-ray. Also, the fact that the Japanese sex game was translated into English, and made available via Amazon and other sellers helped the hentai title become more popular in the Western world.

This specific visual novel has other great traits, though: a great cast of sexy anime girls, plenty of intercourse, and an amazing topping of perversions above everything. That being said, let’s see how the story in Discipline: Record of a Crusade goes.

Discipline: Record of a Crusade - screenshot 1
Plenty of great looking girls awaits the player.

You play the role of a male protagonist, called Takuro Hayami. When your parents decide to move abroad, you decide that it is better for you to stay in Japan. And not just anywhere. You are starting to attend the courses organized at St. Arcadia Academy, where the entrance exam is easy-breezy, the girls are hot, and, surprise, surprise, except for a few guys, the academy seems to be an ideal place to start a harem.

The fact that all the academy girls are sexy virtual girls is just what can be seen on the surface. There is much more to the prestigious school and its attendants than what you can see at first glance. It takes very little for Hayami (that is you, the player) to discover that the academy hentai girls are nothing but sex-crazed maniacs, that will do anything to get their hands, tongues, and everything else on you.

Discipline: Record of a Crusade - screenshot sexy nurse
No academy is complete without a hot sexy nurse!

The gameplay of Discipline: Record of a Crusade is what you expect from any visual novel slash dating sim eroge game. You are basically guided through what is happening in the game, and you get to choose from a few options, once in a while. Worry not about your actions; you will get plenty of hentai in this Japanese sex game, even when you are not choosing ‘right’.

Soon, you will become acquainted with the academy beauties, and you will start getting to know your male protagonist better in the process. As any hentai game, Discipline: Record of a Crusade has its own twist. In this case, Hayami has a special ability that is discovered by the horny babes at the academy. From the first time, he has intercourse with one of the girls, his penis starts doing some really crazy stuff.

Discipline: Record of a Crusade - screenshot bondage
Sexy, fetish, hardcore, BDSM, this game has it all!

Apparently, he is the very lucky owner of something called the ‘Ultimate Sex Power’, meaning that his penis is capable of growing tremendously during sex (what man wouldn’t want that?) and ejaculating impressive amounts of semen. His stamina is recovered quickly, and Hayami starts getting abused by the girls at the academy in all kinds of ways.

Expect the sex in Discipline: Record of a Crusade to be nothing short of a comprehensive book of kinkiness and perversions. And, speaking of books, the hardcore levels of the sex scenes should come as no surprise, seeing that this Japanese sex game is designed by no others but the guys who made Bible Black: The Game, an eroge that created a really huge following among the genre enthusiasts.


Now, going back to the game, the number of females to seduce (not really a difficult task) and take to bed is too damn high. Luckily for Hayami, he has enough stamina to please them all. Even so, he is driven by a romantic interest, and his love quest is to conquer the heart of Saori Otokawa, a female student who, apparently, in all the sex craze surrounding the school, behaves and is looked upon as almost a saint.

Discipline: Record of a Crusade - screenshots
Visiting the principal was never so hot!

Saori, besides being a beautiful sexy babe, is also pretty much obsessed with her Bible study group. No matter how confusing this may sound, the plot does require a character who is opposed to anyone else. She is also interested in Hayami and she is also the first girl he meets at the academy.

Another powerful and interesting character in the game is Leona Morimoto, the head of – probably you are guessing by now – the Social Club. Born in a very rich family, she considers the academy her very own playground. No perversion is unknown to her, and, as soon as she finds about Hayami’s ‘Ultimate Sex Power’, she wants it all for herself. She is not exactly your average mean girl; she is deeply twisted, she plays people like a puppeteer and even her demanding voice is a character mark you will not easily forget.

Discipline: Record of a Crusade Review - sexy girls
Plenty of hot sexy girls await you!

One thing that helps Leona in doing everything she wants on the academy grounds is the fact that the headmistress, Reina Morimoto, is her sister, and also not a stranger to the dark side of sex. She basically rules over all the teachers and loves torturing Matsuo Kaori, a homeroom teacher who is nothing short of the headmistress’ sex slave.

Many other characters are present, especially females. They represent almost any hentai girl type in the book, from the childish character with pigtails and a very high pitched voice to the tomboy type, the studious type, the bitch type, and even an American girl is present.

Discipline: Record of a Crusade - screenshot harem
Harem? Experienced eroge players will sure love this route!

Leona is the main antagonist of the story in this, let’s call it, very unusual harem slash dating sim. Hayami’s goal – and yours – should be to overthrow the female dominatrix, but this will not be easy. There are five different endings, and only one is the good one. Somehow, the rule you will need to follow if you want to reach the good ending is to stay true and consistent to your actions.

As expected, Discipline: Record of a Crusade is not at all difficult in terms of gameplay. The best part of this sex game is that you get to see plenty of nice CG hentai scenes with the female characters, but be warned: the level of perversity is very high and various bodily fluids are often involved.

If you are a hentai enthusiast, you will definitely appreciate this eroge. The minimal interaction makes it easy to go with the flow and experience all the kinkiness the hentai girls at the academy have to offer (plus a tranny, again be warned).

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