Come See Me Tonight Review
Come See Me Tonight - sex game review

Come See Me Tonight is an adult dating sim created by Sekilala in 2003, and localized for the English audience by G-Collections. Including quite a fair amount of beautiful girls, nice hentai scenes, and incest scenarios, Come See Me Tonight is a good choice if you like a playful story, where fun is guaranteed, especially since, for the most part, it takes place in the family. Got your attention? Just read our review, and you’ll see what this ecchi game is all about.

Come See Me Tonight - sexy hentai girl
Beautiful drawn girls and hot sex scenes make this game a must play.

In Come See Me Tonight, you play the role of Ryoichi Sakaki. Like it is the case in most dating sims, your character is an average young Japanese male who happens to go through an unexpected event. In this one, your parents sell the house and leave you behind, saying that they just got a funny idea about how they want to pursue their dreams. The good thing is that they at least leave you with an envelope full of money. The rest, as Japanese say, is just the usual encouragement: gambatte!

Luckily for you, your aunt (from your mother’s side) Chidori decides that you are perfect husband material for one of her three daughters. The fact that the girls are all your cousins does not seem to matter. What matters most for Chidori is that you must have what it takes to become head chef at her restaurant. From here, an adventure involving lots of sex with gorgeous hentai girls begins.

Come See Me Tonight - screenshot
Chose one, choose two, or choose them all! This sex game surely offers a lot of choices.

Come See Me Tonight is played as a typical dating sim. You are taken through the story and asked to make choices from time to time. As a guy who has never had a girlfriend, you are practically in heaven, and, unlike other eroge games, where the right choices can be difficult to guess, you will find it easy to charm up one lady or another. What is commendable for Sekilala is that they include quite a fair amount of choices to branch the story nicely, so you will not feel bored just clicking through the scenes.

Keep in mind that you will not get to the juicy parts right from the start. You will just learn more about the girls, about the restaurant – here’s a chance to learn more about food and how it’s made – and about how to become the man you truly want to be. The latter is a bit of a stretch, as it seems that Ryoichi Sakaki, your character, is quite a bully and the girls still love him to the death. All in all, Come See Me Tonight is easy and fun to play, and the fact that there is a harem route available after you scored with all the girls is a great added bonus.

Now that you know all about the story and the gameplay, it is time to meet the girls. The good thing about this game is that it comes with uncensored, beautiful graphic scenes. Also, the artist does a great job making the girls different from one another, so that you do not feel like you are landing with the same stock character, over and over again. From a sexy milf to a shy trainee, you have a nice selection of girls to choose from.

Come See Me Tonight - sex game shower sex scene
The mother is as hot as her daughters.

As mentioned earlier, Chidori, your mother’s sister, has a mind to get you to marry one of her three daughters. However, that does not mean that she is off the menu, which is a good thing, because she is your typical beautiful, curvy widow, who cannot help it once a young male lands in her home. Left a widow from a young age, like any woman, she has her needs, and she does not mind getting you into her bed. The husky, low voice of the seyuu impersonating Chidori just adds to the sexiness of the character. If you don’t mind incest, then you won’t be surprised to hear Ryoichi talking about the great resemblance between Chidori and his own mother.

The three cousins are also sexy and ready to jump in bed with you. The oldest, Misago, is perfect wife material, in Japanese terms. She is gentle, knows how to cook delicious meals, and is always considerate of others. Still, she is far from being perfect and her passion for small cute things makes her adorable.

In case you do not want to settle for the housewife model, you can go for Tsugumi. Tsugumi is your regular tomboy, aggressive and assertive in everything she does. Being second in line, she wants to prove herself and follow in her mother’s shoes, which means she just might need you to become the real successor of the family. Like Misago, Tsugumi is not an one dimension character, and you will get to see her vulnerable and doubting her own feelings.

Come See Me Tonight - anime sex babe
With so many gorgeous girls, it is very hard to stop at a single one, but sometimes sacrifices must be made.

Kobato is the smallest and the character that caters to those with a lolicon fetish. Although she is only two years younger than the male protagonist, she loves acting like a kid. Nonetheless, she is a full grown woman and she will not hesitate letting her desires show.

Last, but not least, you can romance Hina. While she acts like she has two left hands and feet, Hina is the trainee that wants to prove herself. If you like cute, vulnerable girls, you will definitely love to pursue her. Plus, she is the only one not related by blood with you, so that may work in her advantage.

Come See Me Tonight - screenshot 2
Regardless of your choice, you can always go back and start another route. That is what we did!

These are all the women you will be able to date in this eroge game. The coolest thing is that you will unlock the harem route, once you are finished with all of them. This will also give you the opportunity to enjoy some nice yuri scenes between the girls, well seasoned with some incest along the way.

Although sex between relatives is a theme in Come See Me Tonight, the H scenes themselves are not extreme or dark. We found this hentai title to be a nice, entertaining game, with replayability value and with something to look forward to, regardless of the girl or route you want to pursue.

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