Amorous Professor Cherry Review
Amorous Professor Cherry

Amorous Professor Cherry looks like the average Japanese eroge game at first glance, in the sense that it is played like a usual dating sim. However, it has some really great points that you do not normally find in a regular hentai game.

First of all, and this can be something players may really appreciate, the cute hentai girls you get to meet in this game are not all the same. We have a cute librarian type – the teacher who gives the name of this sex game -, a mathematics teacher with come-hither looks, and a sporty girl with high grades.

Amorous Professor Cherry - hot anime girls
A sexy anime librarian girl? Yes, please!

While the gameplay is not different in its essence from other dating sims, as you will get to make choices in order to advance through the game and reach a certain ending, it has its nice touches as well. The best scenes are not just 2D stills, as it is the norm in hentai games of this type, but are also animated, which adds to the appeal.

We should not forget about the fact that dating one of the cute hentai girls in this dating sim does not automatically shuts down your chances with others. As a young student overwhelmed with the sexiness of the women around you, you will get the opportunity to play the threesome way, or to even make your own harem.

Amorous Professor Cherry - screenshot
Variation is always welcomed in all hentai games!

‘Amorous Professor Cherry’ has a simple, yet very appealing plot. You play the role of Kouta Koikawa, a young student who cannot keep his eyes off his social studies teacher’s huge breasts. Chieri “Cherry” Hase, as the teacher is named, may not be must to look at for most men, but Kouta – and you, along with him – does not fail to see through her plain clothes. Long story short, the glasses wearing teacher is quite a foxy lady and once she starts undressing, you learn pretty quick that school romance is everything everybody talks about and more.

Amorous Professor Cherry - screenshot sexy student
More hot anime girls? This game fully delivers!

Cherry is not very experienced, but she is lucky enough to have a friend who is not a stranger to the world’s lusty ways. Her best friend is Mamiko Kanai, who teaches mathematics at the same university and also has an eye for the eroge game protagonist, Kouta. She is a great teacher of love and romance, besides boring mathematics, so she has her perks, as well.

Last, but not least, the third girl you can get romantically involved in – and enjoy hot hentai sex with – is Kiyoka Yorii, your fellow student, who excels in everything, but has a thing for competitions and, of course, winning each and every one of them. This will lead to certain complications as the game progresses, since, once she sets her eyes on you, she will go to great lengths to make sure she does not lose to Cherry, the social studies teacher.

Amorous Professor Cherry - screenshot hentai scene
Surprised and aroused!

If you are into romance campus stories, this eroge game is just for you. The graphics are amazing, very clean and polished, the girls are beautiful and smart, not just your regular cute hentai babes, and the plot is fun and ensures a great level of replayability.

Amorous Professor Cherry offers hours of high-quality adult entertainment, and you will surely enjoy the sexy animated scenes. As with other dating sims, once you have unlocked a certain scene with one of the sexy heroines, you will be able to replay it for as many times as you want.

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