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Air Hentai Game

Air is a hentai game where you play the role of a guy searching for a so-called ‘girl in the sky’. This girl is your true love and the one who will solve the mystery of your quest. As other Japanese visual novels, the game is played by going through a succession of screens and dialogues and making decisions from time to time.

While walking in the shoes of Yukito Kunisaki, you will meet three cute girls, and you have the chance to get to know each one of them better, depending on the choices you make. In the original version of Air, hentai scenes were also included, and, as expected from a Japanese sex game, they are delightful, with beautiful art, although the sexy bits are pixelated, per their censorship regulations.

Air hentai game
Can you convince this shy hentai beauty to get rid of all her clothes?

Air follows a branching plot line, common to Japanese eroge games. You will be able to play three different plots in the first phase of the novel, and then you will be able to unlock other two.

The three heroines you will meet while playing this sex game are beautiful and interesting, each one in her own special way. The first girl you will meet while traveling from one place to another, accompanied only by your puppet that helps you earn a few coins, just enough to keep you fed, is Misuzu Kamio. You will be impressed with her friendliness, but, in the beginning, your character will not feel too inclined to get too close to her. As the story progresses, you find more about her passion for dinosaurs, a species whose ending she considers romantic.

The second girl you meet while playing Air is Kano Kirishima. She is one of Misuzu’s classmates and she is innocent but very energetic. Her naivete is what impresses most, as she still believes in many things she learned when she was just a small kid. She is followed by a strange dog named Potato who communicates in his own special and strange language.

Hentai cute girl
A sexy angel waits for you to join her

The last heroine you get to meet is Minagi Tohno, an introverted student with very few friends.

Each of the girls has a hentai scenario available, so you can bed all of them. One usual trait of Japanese eroge games is that you can replay them at least several times in order to unlock all the scenarios. Usually, when you decide to date a certain heroine, you will not be able to sleep with the others, which is why you need to start the game all over again.

Initially, Air was released as a hentai game in a limited edition for PC, in September 2000. The game was so popular in Japan, that the company that created the game, Key, decided to take out the hentai scenes and release the game on other popular platforms, such as Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. Throughout the years, due to the immense popularity of this sex game, updated releases were made in 2005, 2007 and even 2012.

cute anime girl
Choose your girlfriend from sexy anime girls

The magic of Air and what makes it more than just a hentai game is related to the story and how it is being told. Many fans consider Air a story about the importance of finding love, hence the metaphor of the ‘girl in the sky’ your protagonist is looking for. A manga series, drama CDs, and an anime series were created to reproduce the world of Air, contributing to the long lasting popularity of the game.

As a hentai game, Air debuted at number one in sales in Japan. Along with the non-hentai version, the game sold over 300,000 units across various platforms.

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