3D GoGo 2 Review
3D GoGo 2 virtual sex game

3D GoGo 2 is a new sexy dance simulator from the creators of the popular interactive sex games 3D SexVilla 2 and Hentai 3D 2: Cry of Pleasure. If you have ever dreamed of having a professional dancer perform only for you, 3D GoGo 2 is ready to turn your dreams into reality. Using high-quality mocap animations based on dance moves performed by exotic dancers, this 3D simulator combines a quirky style of gameplay with the pleasure of watching gorgeous 3D babes dancing on a virtual stage dressed in sexy outfits, as well as partially and completely naked.

3D GoGo 2 is more like two games in one. One is the actual dance simulator, where you need to prove your skill at tapping the keyboard to make combos and increase your score, while the girl on the screen rewards you with her special moves on sexy beats. The other is the customizer, and this is the part you will start with.

3D GoGo 2 virtual sex game
Let your beautiful dancer show you her best moves

As you begin, on the first screen, you will notice several controls on the bottom area. The coat hanger is the customizer, the place where you will create the dancer (or dancers) or your dreams. All manner of customizations are available, from the style and color of the dancer’s hair to sexy bits, like her pussy and her boobs. You can also choose her clothes, and the stage on which she can dance.

The customizations available for the girl’s boobs are really detailed since you can choose not only between various styles of nice looking tits but also you can modify the size and the nipples, in a way that reminds us of the Japanese title, Oppai Slider 2. The pussy customizations are also something to write home about, as you can choose between various styles for her pubic hair.

There are plenty of other customizations available, from her butt to her makeup, and, in one word, 3D GoGo 2 offers you the possibility to create a dancer in her tiniest details. As far as clothes are concerned, you have plenty of sexy options to choose from, as well. What’s even better, if you prefer to see the girl dancing naked, or just showing off her boobs in plain view, it is also possible.

You are not limited to a single dancer, either. By getting additional slots, you can create an entire list of sexy erotic dancers to fuel your fantasies. Whether you like blondes, redheads, or brunets, you will have plenty of fun with the customization room.

3D GoGo 2 pussy customization
You can customize your dancers down to the smallest details

Now that your dancer is ready, we bet that you want to take her out for a spin. By pressing the menu button – just under the coat hanger – you are taken to a new screen, where you will be able to pick your game mode – which ranges from beginner to hard, your dancer – from your collection, and your music.

Once you are pleased with your choices, you only need to hit the Play button and you will be taken to the actual game. The girl is waiting for you on the stage, wearing the outfit you chose for her. As the music starts playing, you will see arrows moving from the bottom of the screen to the top. You need to hit the correct arrows when they reach the top, in order to make the girl dance to the beat. If you manage to tap multiple correct arrows, you will achieve combos, which, in turn, will make the girl show you some crazy moves.

When the music stops, you will be able to see your high score. You can add your own songs, but you will need to have them converted to the .ogg format. The developer recommends downloading Stepmania songs to add more beats to your collection.

3D GoGo 2 sexy dance simulator
Get the routine right and strike new records!

3D GoGo 2 allows you to play a game similar to Dance Dance Revolution, but much sexier. The girl will execute all the moves she knows, and stimulate your senses with her sexy dance. From the same menu where you can pick your dancer and your music, you will also be able to access your gallery, as you can take delectable screenshots of the girl on stage.

In the first screen, you will also notice other available controls. The photo camera like button is for taking screenshots, and you can also choose to hide all the controls. There are also 14 available slots for shortcuts that you can select from the items you add throughout the game. You can use these shortcuts to make your girl’s dancing more interesting.

This sexy dance simulator offers a few customizations for free. However, if you want to remove the censorship and add more customizations and more dancers to your collections, you will need to purchase Xcoins.

3D GoGo 2 virtual sex game
How would you like your dancers to look like?

You can try 3D GoGo 2 for free, with no strings attached. You will have just one dancer available, named Delicia, and, besides some customizations, a music track so you can play the game and see how it’s like. Seeing that this erotic dance simulator is one of a kind on the market right now, it is definitely worth a try.

3D GoGo 2 comes from the same developers who created the well-known sex simulators from the 3D SexVilla family. Their 3D babes are well detailed, the amount of customization available is really amazing, and the gameplay is also fun and entertaining. For all these reasons, we strongly recommend you try the free version and decide for yourself.


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